Why Stainless Steel? 4 Amazing Benefits of Stainless Steel Grating

Dec. 24, 2021

Stainless steel grating is an integral part of building safe and functional industrial facilities. When properly designed and installed, these reliable support surfaces can help workers consistently perform their duties and reduce the likelihood of accidents on the job. Long service life, the ability to support a range of activities based on a grate's specific configuration, and other advantages combine to make stainless steel grates an excellent choice for industrial and commercial facilities in the modern economy.

A detailed understanding of the specific benefits of stainless steel can help you make the most informed decisions for your project and organization. Let's take a look at four key reasons why stainless steel grates are so beneficial to the businesses that use them.

Why Stainless Steel? 4 Amazing Benefits of Stainless Steel Grating


1. Corrosion resistance

Base steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that creates a metal that is stronger and more durable than iron itself. Stainless steel is an alloy that takes the basic formula of steel and adds other elements, such as chromium and sometimes molybdenum, to improve corrosion resistance. When basic steel is regularly exposed to air and moisture, it can suffer severe corrosion over time. Over time, this can lead to cosmetic problems, namely rusting and safety issues. As the rust flakes off, the steel underneath will begin to rust. Eventually, the steel will lose its structural integrity and pose a significant safety issue for people walking on it, performing tasks near machinery made of steel, or working in buildings where the steel components are exposed to air and moisture.

In contrast, stainless steel will form a film to prevent the spread of rust when corrosion begins. The corrosion resistance offered by stainless steel sets it apart from many other varieties currently manufactured. The ability to resist rust and maintain its integrity helps stainless steel last longer and continue to perform safely as intended. Various stainless steel alloys can be used to address the different conditions that exist in a variety of facilities.

Corrosion resistance is especially important for stainless steel grating because of the many types of environments to which the material may be exposed in industrial workplaces. Even in climate-controlled facilities, the presence of ambient moisture content and oxygen can eventually lead to rusting and the problems that come with it. With the corrosion resistance and potential strength of stainless steel, you can have more confidence in the reliability of your grating.


2. Strength

The strength of steel is a recognized core characteristic in a variety of design and construction environments, from columns and beams in skyscrapers or industrial facilities to its widespread use as a grating. It has a high tensile strength compared to many other metals, which means it can withstand heavy pressures and stresses before it begins to stretch and deform. This is particularly important for elevated walkways, staircases, mezzanines and similar structures where steel and its connected structure are the only factors that ensure that employees can work safely at height.

Depending on the specific composition of the end product, steel and its many variants are available in different strength classes. Stainless steel is strong enough to support a variety of industrial applications and has other advantages that make it the preferred choice among many options. In addition to strength, companies should keep corrosion resistance in mind.


3. Fire and heat resistant

Stainless steel's overall reputation for reliability is tied to its strong performance under adverse conditions. In addition to its ability to remain functional in conditions that would corrode other types of steel, it is also well able to withstand other adverse events, such as impact, overheating and fire. While every well-managed organization takes precautions to avoid accidents, a series of unpredictable events can lead to emergencies. Stainless steel grating resistant to damage caused by heat and fire can prevent further damage in these situations.

In less catastrophic situations, heat resistance can help stainless steel, especially to protect the barrier. The walkways are also more durable in industrial conditions where high temperatures are an unavoidable factor in operations. This helps improve safety considerations and reduces the costs associated with repair and replacement.


4. Customizability

A reliable and safe material only becomes useful when it can be consistently manufactured and installed in a manner that meets the unique needs of a wide variety of facilities. Stainless steel is widely customizable in terms of both the specific content of the alloy and the way it is manufactured. While the International Organization for Standardization, Standards Australia and similar national rule bodies provide recommendations and rules on how to construct steel grating with safety in mind, many other elements of steel grating can easily be changed to meet specific design requirements and facility layouts.

Whether you need to retrofit an existing building or meet unique layouts and industry-specific needs, stainless steel grating can be customized to fit almost any situation. Regardless of the specifics, stainless steel can support your operation with prefabricated panels and custom pieces.

When it comes to stainless steel grilles, it's critical to find the right supplier for your project. A reliable partner can help you through the entire process, from selecting the right existing panel options - or making custom elements from scratch - to producing and shipping them to your existing facility or construction site. Hengying can help your organization select all the necessary elements and associated hardware, from choosing the right anti-slip features to ensuring the most effective retaining clips are provided to help hold the grating in place.


To learn more about how we can help your business, contact the experts at Hengying today.

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