How to choose the right shale shaker screen for the shale shaker?

Nov. 12, 2021

For the drilling fluid shale shaker screen, the shale shaker screen is mainly a regenerative structure device, which mainly takes away the solids larger than the screen mesh screen holes. The drilling fluid containing a small number of solids will flow through the screen and flow directly to the mud tank for any purification. While lumpy solids or rock chips will stay in the screen and be vibrated and flow to the discharge port of the shale shaker screen basket. Therefore, it is essential to settle on the correct screen mesh according to the diameter of the solid, slurry specific gravity, consistency, and density, etc. This is because incorrect screen selection can lead to expensive drilling fluid losses, premature pump failure, overloading of different solids removal tools such as centrifuges, shortened tool life, reduced permeability, and high problems in the wellbore.

Hook Strip Flat Screen


Types of shale shaker screens

shale shaker screens are available in the steel frame category, prismatic cone category, hook and bar flat category and filler category. The merchandise is made of completely different raw materials and structures that will support the tool in screening solids of different sizes. The steel frame product consists mainly of a steel frame and a pair to three layers of chrome steel mesh tightly bonded to the steel frame.


Features of shale shaker screen mesh

It has fairly high strength and is suitable for screening heavier solids. The effective space of the pyramid product is relatively large and can be used with extra flexibility. The specially designed hook and bar flat products are long-lasting, strong, and very inexpensive, with a small mesh range of coarse wire screens tightly bonded to the steel liner. We are also able to supply shale shaker screen tubes made of composite materials. The size of these products is usually tailored to the customer's needs.


Vary screen surface: Sometimes a larger contact space screen can have a higher processing capacity, and the extra screen area you have indicates that you only have to clean the extra volume. Therefore, a vavy screen is healthier than a flat screen; a large space flat screen is healthier than a small space flat screen.


Shale shaker screen Selection: The screen mesh size is measured by the number of holes per square inch on the screen mesh. Completely different mesh sizes manage only the cut size you want to get rid of. Similar mesh sizes do not add to all drilling conditions. Sizes can vary depending on the size of the cuttings and the style of strata you want to improve.


Uses of shale shaker screens

Shale shaker screens are an important part of drilling equipment.

They are used to extract large solids from the drilling fluid and are the first step in the solids control system on the rig. These are used not only in the upstream market in the oil and gas industry, but also in the coal cleaning and mining industries. The following are the components of a standard shale shaker screen tank: hopper, screen basket, feeder, vibrator and basket tilting mechanism.

The screen hole size is configured according to different API screen number requirements, and the shale shaker screen specifications vary depending on the screen hole size. shale shaker screen screens are available with steel frames, hook and bar flat displays, composite frames, pyramidal screens and other types of frames.


Shale shaker screens for the oil and gas industry

Since extracting crude oil or natural gas from underground requires digging thousands of feet of soil and rock to reach the reservoir, it is a difficult job that quickly wears out equipment. Shale shaker screens are important equipment for the oil and gas industry because they help well operators clean and reuse drilling fluid or mud, a valuable and expensive resource. By pumping drilling fluid through the shale shaker screen, the shale shaker screen removes drill cuttings from the drilling fluid, allowing the drilling fluid to be pumped back into the well and reused. Reusing drilling fluids not only saves money but also reduces regulatory and enforcement costs by eliminating the need to dispose of drilling fluids.


Shale shaker screens are important for solids control equipment.

Often overlooked is the impact that proper screen selection can have on other functions of the mud system: 1. Shaker screens are the only solids control device that can be changed to handle changes in fluid properties or drilling conditions. 2. Shaker screens generate large volumes of drilling waste and recover large volumes of mud. 3. Shaker screens must be able to handle full circulation rates. 4. Shaker screens are the only device on the rig that separates solids based on size.

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