How Can a Mesh Filter Provide Clean Water?

Mar. 25, 2022

Clean water is needed in a variety of industrial applications. From food and beverage needs to agricultural and industrial applications, clean water is crucial to many industries. Metal mesh filters are a sustainable, useful way to achieve clean water for these applications. Sintered wire mesh is known as a highly reliable filtering cloth and uses multiple layers of woven wire cloth to filter out contaminants as small as one micron. Sintered wire cloth is ideal for water filtration due to its strength, its resistance to corrosion, ease of cleaning, and its long lifespan.

Customizable Woven Metal Mesh to Filter All Mediums

Woven metal mesh can be used to filter far more than just dirt and contaminants out of water. Hengying Wire Mesh offers wire mesh with openings so small, clients have the ability to filter things invisible to the naked eye. Some wire mesh openings are so small, you have the ability to separate liquids and gasses. 

316L stainless steel wire mesh screen is an optimal choice for many of these applications because it is resistant to pitting by solutions containing chloride ions, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and brine solutions. This option is useful for many businesses that need to filter gases, liquids, and solids.


Sintered Wire Mesh with Perforated Metal for Agricultural Use

One of the important factors in a lot of large scale industrial uses, is finding material that can not only last but be customized to meet specific needs. Sintered wire mesh works well for many of these applications due to its versatility and durability. For instance, in the agriculture and irrigation industry, many clients have found success with sintered wire mesh with perforated metal. For this specific application, sheets of sintered wire cloth are welded into tubes and welded to form cylindrical filters to use for water filtration. 

How Can a Mesh Filter  Provide Clean Water?


5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh Used as Nutsche Filters to Filter Out Water

Just as woven wire mesh can be used to filter clean water, it can also be used to filter water out. In pharmaceutical research and development, the need to rid a mixture of its water is highly important to the process of creating medication and vaccines. For this application, 5-layer sintered wire mesh is an ideal material, due to the filter medium having the ability to operate under a wide variety of temperatures and pressures while maintaining its opening size.


Wire Mesh Used to Filter Sea Water Through Ballast Water Management Systems

Whether it’s for industrial-use, home-use, or environmental use, wire mesh can be used for all. Shipping vessels used to transport items worldwide are crucial to the world economy and require their own ballast water filtration management systems to maintain local ecosystems and meet global regulations from organizations such as The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments. 

These ships must treat and filter their ballast water before dumping it into the ocean when traveling from port to port. Ballast water is the water held in the ballast tanks and cargo holds of shipping vessels. This water is used to provide stability and maneuverability during a voyage when ships are not carrying cargo or not carrying enough heavy cargo, as well as when more stability is required due to rough seas.

Hengying Wire Mesh products made of corrosion-resistant Type 904L Stainless Steel or 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel can be used in self-cleaning automatic sea water filters that are incorporated into these ballast water management systems. These filters can be manufactured in a wide range of micron ratings, lengths, and diameters, with configurations including perforated metal.


Woven Wire Mesh for Household Applications

Woven wire mesh is another great material that can be used in filtration systems. While we’ve mentioned a variety of industrial applications for wire mesh products and their filtration benefits, there are also household uses for the same materials. In your kitchen sink, the last thing you want to have happen is solids getting stuck in your pipes. A stainless steel wire mesh strainer or drain filter is essentially a screen installed to allow water to pass through, but not larger items. The larger items fall to the bottom or are held in a basket for later clean out.

Hengying Wire Mesh Supplies Wire Mesh for All Applications

Whether your water filtration needs are for industrial applications or household use, Hengying Wire Mesh can assist in finding you the right metal mesh filter for your application. We make the best-quality, budget-friendly, customizable sintered wire mesh. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on different types of metal mesh products, their significance, and how to select the right product for your application. Contact us to learn more about our wire mesh and the applications it can be used for.


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