Causes and Solutions of Vibrating Screen Failure

Sep. 20, 2021

As a Vibrating Screen Supplier, I will share it with you.


Composite Frame Screen

Composite Frame Screen

1. The Quality of the Screen is Poor.


The vibrating screen screen is usually composed of two parts: the screen layer and the stressed layer. The two layers are required to be tightly combined. If the screen pre-tensioning process is poor, when the stressed layer at the bottom of the screen is tightened, the screen layer is not stretched. When working tightly, the throwing force of drill cuttings is greatly reduced, and the drill cuttings cannot be discharged, causing premature damage to the screen;


*Solution: Buy a screen with good quality and excellent craftsmanship.


2. Improper Installation of the Screen


When the screen is installed, it fails to meet the basic requirements of screen installation. For example, the tension of the screen is not enough, which causes the screen to vibrate, resulting in breakage or damage along the edge of the screen or at the edge bead;


*Solution: Strictly follow the instructions when installing the screen.


3. The Vibration Motor is Malfunctioning.


When debugging the vibrating motor, some users will think that the drill cuttings can be moved forward based on the experience of the linear vibrating screen or the single-axis vibrating screen, but this experience is not suitable for the translational elliptical vibrating screen, such as the wrong direction of the vibrating motor, the drill cuttings There is a backward rolling force. At this time, the forward movement speed of the drill cuttings will be much slower than normal, causing the material to stay on the screen for too long, and even the drill cuttings cannot be eliminated, resulting in premature damage to the screen;




①When the screen box is running, press the stop button of the electric control box. At this time, the vibrating screen will slowly stop. Observe the elliptical trajectory formed by the small dots on the side plate when the vibrating screen is running, and roll to the sand outlet for correct steering. ;


②Remove the vibrator shield and check whether the eccentric blocks are all rotated to the outside;


③Replace any two phase wires in the incoming power supply of the electric control box, and sprinkle some sand on the screen. The faster sand discharge speed is the correct direction.


4. Clay Accumulation


The occurrence of clay accumulation is that the vibration amplitude of the equipment is too small, it is difficult to screen under the condition of polymer drilling fluid, and the viscous force of the drill cuttings (clay) cannot be effectively overcome, which causes the drill cuttings to accumulate on the screen and quickly damage the screen. net;




① Increase the vibration amplitude;


②Use sprayed water to flush the screen and drill cuttings to reduce the viscosity of the drill cuttings, but this method is only suitable for occasions where water is allowed to be added;


③Adjust the angle of the screen at the end of the sand discharge port downward to facilitate the discharge of cuttings by gravity, but may cause slurry to run out;


④Change the mesh of the screen or adjust the flow rate of a single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of the drilling fluid is close to the outlet of the screen, so that the drilling cuttings can be smoothly discharged under the lubrication of the drilling fluid.


The abnormal damage of the vibrating screen screen not only increases the production cost, but also reduces the production efficiency, so the correct use of the vibrating screen and the screen is particularly important.


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