How to Make The Vibrating Screen Without Blocking The Screen?

Aug. 24, 2021

When using the vibrating screen, the user is most afraid of the problem of blocking the screen. The blocking of the vibrating screen will not only seriously slow down the work efficiency of the vibrating screen, but also stop the disassembly and cleaning of the screen. If the operation is not performed properly, the screen surface will become loose or the screen If the net is damaged, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to disassemble the net frame to replace the screen. How can we avoid the occurrence of network blocking in the screening work site! Today Shaker Screen Manufacturers analyzes the causes of network blocking and teaches you how to avoid the occurrence of screen blocking.

Shaker Screen

Shaker Screen

Vibrating screen

1. The reasons for the blocking of the vibrating screen are as follows:

There are many reasons for the material to block the vibrating screen. The most important reason is determined by the physical characteristics of the material itself. Of course, the reasonableness of the screen structure is also a factor that affects whether the blocking problem occurs. Generally speaking, the vibrating screen is blocked. The main reasons are:

1. There are particles that are very close to the aperture of the screen in the screened material, and these particles are embedded in the vibrating screen to cause blockage;

2. There are many flake structures in the screening material;

3. The screened materials have fibrous and other viscous properties, and they adhere to each other to form large particles that are not easy to pass through and adhere to the vibrating screen;

4. It is very easy to generate static electricity between the sieved materials, causing the particles to adsorb each other and float and it is difficult to get off the sieve;

5. The vibrating screen weaves the screen, the wire is thick;

6. For thicker screens such as rubber screens, the hole design is unreasonable, which does not reach the upper and lower sides, and the particles are stuck.

Second, the solution to the blockage of the vibrating screen:

According to the analysis of the above reasons, the blocking of the vibrating screen is largely inseparable from the characteristics of the material itself. Therefore, in order to avoid the blocking phenomenon as much as possible, we should take effective measures according to the characteristics of the material.

Rotary vibrating screen

1. When the material particle size is finer, the mud content is more, and the sieving particle size is smaller, the water will play a decisive role in the blockage of the vibrating screen.

2. When the moisture in the material is greater than 5%, if the material is dried unconditionally, the screen surface and sieve holes of the vibrating screen should be selected.

3. When the moisture is greater than 8%, wet screening should be used.

4. For materials with more flaky particles, it is necessary to change the material crushing method and the particle size matching of different crushing methods and processes.

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