How to Extend the Service Life of Vibrating Screens

Aug. 28, 2021

Vibrating screens are currently widely used in screening equipment. In actual production, users often encounter various failures, which bring great trouble to normal production. As a vibrating screen manufacturer, I will introduce you to some common maintenance measures vibrating screen machine.

The purpose of vibrating screen maintenance and overhaul is to know about the overall situation and restore the ability of the screen by repairing and replacing damaged and worn parts.

Hook Strip Flat Screen

Hook Strip Flat Screen

Common Failure of the Vibrating Screen

Commonly, vibrating screen failures including the cloth surface brokenness, rubber seals pilling off, screen cloth get apart from shaker screen panel, etc.

For different failures we should do different repair work.

For the surface brokenness, we can insert the repair plugs on certain holes. This will prevent further and larger brokenness of cloth surface. For the rubber pilling off the frame we need to clean the screen and wait until it is dry before brushing glue to stick rubber strip again.

If the screen cloth get apart from the panel frame, we kindly suggest replace whole screen panel. If it only works a few hours or much shorter than other screen panels under same condition please toward to supplier for free replacement.

The Maintenance of Vibrating Screen

Regular Inspection and Replacement of Parts

The maintenance of vibrating screen content which is including the surface of the screen cloth, especially the screen cloth surface fastening and the bolts of the machine should be timely tightened.

Check the screen cloth surface wear pattern, if we found the obvious local wear and tear, we should take the necessary measures, and re-fasten the screen mesh surface.

Check the entire screen frame, especially the main beam and all the beam weld conditions. And carefully check whether there is local cracks.

Check all the bolts of the side board on the screen box. When the bolt and side plate exist a gap or loose, we need to replace the new bolt.

Maintain the Support Deck

Remove channel rubber to inspect steel bars for wear, high and low spots, or bar breakage.

Support area must be uniform to ensure an even and tight screen fit.

Check Cushion and Spread of Material Feed

Cushioning of feed to the screen deck is essential to long screen life. Use feed plates or stone boxes so that materials do not hit wire cloth directly.

Material should be spread out to feed evenly over the entire screening surface for maximum screen life and production.

This also reduces uneven wear as the vibrator is operating in a more balanced condition.

Inspect Equipment for Balance and Excessive Vibration

An unbalanced machine can cause premature wire cloth failure.

Equipment with a violent, uneven vibrating motion will cause stresses in the screen, and the cloth may actually break apart.

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean the surface of the screen cloth, the patent leather parts should be repaired, rust removal and painted in time. For the bare processing surface should be coated with industrial vaseline to prevent rust.

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