What is the Replacement Method of the Screen?

Jul. 13, 2021

How to change the fine mesh?

1. Loosen the tie ring screws first, remove the upper frame, remove the damaged fine mesh, and replace it with a new fine mesh.

2. Lay the fine mesh on the mother mesh of the vibrating screen, put the upper frame back to its original position, and tighten the fine mesh around the sides by hand. At the edge of the upper frame and the lower frame at the opposite ends of the fuselage, each Use a universal pliers to clamp the upper frame and the lower frame.

3. Cut off the fine mesh around the vibrating screen that protrudes from the edge of the frame except for two centimeters.

4. Put on the tie ring again, loosen the universal pliers, hook the tie ring screw and lock it tight.

5. Use a soft hammer to evenly hit the ring around the ring, then lock the copper nut, and change the fine mesh to complete. If the mother net frame and the moving plate is removed during the screen change process of the vibrating screen, please note that the moving orifice plate must be inserted into the flange of the bottom surface of the net frame when reinstalling.

Steel Frame Screen

Steel Frame Screen

How to change the mother network?

If the mother screen of the vibrating screen is damaged, you can repair it yourself. If it cannot be repaired, please return it to the factory for repair. It is better to prepare a set of mother screens for spare.

Installation of the screen on the frame

The frame where the screen is installed is in the shape of "Tian" with a length of 1860mm and a width of 560mm.

The original installation method of the screen is a combination of a 14 mesh and a 10 mesh screen. The 14 mesh is installed on the screen frame with the 14 mesh on the top and the 10 mesh on the bottom. The use effect is also good, but the service life is short and the screen is easy to compress. Collapse, tear the warp and weft stainless steel wires, resulting in breakage. Generally used for 7-20 days, it starts to be damaged and scrapped.

In order to change this situation, in March 2008, through searching information on the Internet, contacting the screen manufacturer, specifically for customizing a 10 meter wide 2cm diameter stainless steel mesh with a width of 560mm and a wire diameter of 2.5mm. The purpose of customizing this large-hole thick-wire stainless steel mesh is to replace the 10-mesh stainless steel screen at the bottom layer, increase the "strength" of the frame, and avoid the salt pressure from collapsing 14-mesh filter screen at the upper layer. The concept is scientific and practical and the application effect not bad. One month later, due to the looseness of the angle irons of the crimping frame, the 14-mesh screen that was pressed against the frame outside the frame was broken. When it was removed and replaced, it was found that the 2.5cm and 14-mesh nets were in direct contact with the frame. Connect, the edge vibration breaks a lot of 2.5cm mesh with strong rigidity. Later, we simply padded waste conveyor belts up and down between the frame and the screen to improve the phenomenon of vibrating and breaking thick wires. When it was replaced again, no vibration break occurred.

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